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Toll Free Phone: 1.877.806.6247

Toll Free Fax: 1.877.806.6249

Local: 250.374.8804

Competitive rates.

LMG has business relationships with over a dozen chartered lending institutions. This access allows LMG to provide competitive bank rates for an enhanced range of credit profiles.  This will save you money, as you may obtain  bank rates that are lower than what you'd end up paying on your credit card purchases.


No down payment required!

LMG can arrange partial or entire financing of a sale without you having to put any money down. These and other customized programs are available for you through LMG.


More choices

No money down, no interest, no payment options for six months to one year. Most customers qualify for an Auto, RV, Marine, Powersport or Trailer loan, and we're sure you would prefer to have a low monthly payment and potential payment deferrals to preserve your cash supply. LMG offers these payment options and will tailor financing packages to suit your needs.


Save Your Money 

You save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars with LMG's competitive rates. LMG researches your loan options for you.


Keep more of your money

Don't deplete your own money to buy that trailer, use the lenders money at guaranteed rates.


Diversify your Money

Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Keep your "vehicle money" and "house money" separate by accessing specialized vehicle finance/lease programs/promotions through the dealership.


Faster Decisions

Unique systems and technology used at LMG means you’ll usually know firm credit decisions within an hour.


Personal Attention

LMG's finance managers don't work for the bank, they work for you! You can be sure you’re getting the program you deserve.


Greater Access

LMG is open 60 plus hours, six days a week, to better serve you.



Protecting your personal privacy is important to LMG. LMG has the strictest privacy policies in the industry.


Why put off making your dreams a reality? LMG will help you purchase any trailer - on any budget.

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