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Exiss Trailer Lineup

Living Quarters

Express Living Quarters

Express CX - 2, 3 & 4 Horse

Express CXF - 2, 3 & 4 Horse

Express SS - 2, 3 & 4 Horse

7204, 7304 & 7404

7206, 7306 & 7406

7208, 7308 & 7408

7210, 7310 & 7410

7210 G, 7310 G & 7410 G

The Escape Series from Exiss is a great solution to most basic desire of horse owners - an escape to freedom. Whether it be in solitude on a ranch, with friends on a trail, or in the midst of competition, a horse provides an escape from life's hassles, and offers a freedom to be yourself. That's why we built the new Escape Series, a stunning collection of horse trailers with living quarters. Each model not only provides an escape to freedom, but also an escape from the worries of travel. So when you're ready to escape the hassles of life and the worries of travel, the Escape Series is a great way to get you there. 

Escape Living Quarters

8210, 8310 & 8410

8312 & 8412

8314 & 8414

8316 & 8416

An 8' wide living quarters model from Exiss gives you all of  features and benefits of our popular 7' wide models with extra room and functionality. Each model is a full 8' wide and features such upgraded items as a removable saddle rack, mangers and a large load door. These models also feature quality-built interiors with commercial grade linoleum floors, insulated walls, kitchen sink, shower and toilet. Our larger models also feature dinettes, optional sofas, large storage areas and optional glide rooms. With the features and conveniences of our 8' wide construction, plus the comfort and dependability of an Exiss interior, it's easy to see why an Exiss 8' wide model is a smart choice!

Endeavor Living Quarters

8030 - 7'2" Tall

8030 - 7'8" Tall

8032 - 7'2" Tall

8032 - 7'8" Tall

Stock Combo Living Quarters

An 8' wide stock combo living quarters from Exiss gives you all of the rugged features of our stock trailer lineup, with the added benefits of our popular living quarters models. Each model is a full 8' wide and features a rugged horse / livestock area, a mid tack with plenty of storage and quality-built interiors with the sturdy construction of our stock area, the benefits of an 8' wide construction, plus the comfort and dependability of an Exiss interior, it's easy to see why these trailers are such a versatile dependable trailer!


When it's time to make a major purchase, it's nice to have confidence that your selection was built the right way. As a proud member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, not only do our trailers meet all NATM requirements, but they're built with your safety and satisfaction as our goal

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